Teeth Straightening

Straight teeth Burton-on-Trent and Swadlincote

Bonding & Tooth Contouring

There are many ways to straighten teeth, including modern aligner and brace systems that are superior to traditional metal braces in their aesthetics and speed. These systems aren't necessarily right for everybody though and a great alternative is contouring and bonding which can be extremely effective, particularly for front teeth.


Before contouring or bonding is done you will have a thorough consultation to check what your expectations and requirements are. The dentist will do an extensive examination and find out exactly what kind of results you are looking for. In the event that this type of treatment is not suitable for you, alternatives will be recommended.


To reshape the teeth the dentist will X-ray your teeth to check where the pulp sits in relation to the external enamel layer. A local anaesthetic will be used to ensure there is no discomfort during the procedure. Once the preparation is complete and you are comfortable, the dentist will gently re-contour the enamel surface using special dental tools. The misshapen areas will be altered to make them even, before being polished and smoothed over. The work could take several appointments or as little as one appointment depending on scope.


Bonding is often used in conjunction with contouring in order to fill in any unsightly gaps. Bonding can also be used to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape for the teeth, and improve the shade of the smile. After applying a local anaesthetic, our dentist will apply resin that has been chosen to match your tooth colour. A conditioning treatment may also be applied after which the resin is hardened using a special light. Like contouring, bonding can take as little as one visit or you may need several appointments.

Bonding & Contouring Aftercare

In order to keep the beautiful results of a bonded and contoured smile, a good maintenance plan will need to be in place. Chips and stains are a risk and there are certain things you need to do to avoid that happening, such as biting on hard items and avoiding excessive drinking of liquids likely to stain, such as red wine.

Our team here at Hughes and Owen will provide you with full aftercare instructions to ensure you are able to maintain your beautiful new smile for as long as possible after treatment.

Teeth Straightening & Oralign

In House System

Teeth straightening can benefit both the way our teeth work and the way they look. When teeth are straight they not only create a more aesthetically pleasing smile, but straighter teeth are also easier to keep clean, helping to prevent decay and gum disease.

Why Teeth Straightening?

There are many reasons your teeth may not be straight. You might have crooked teeth from sucking your thumb as a child or you might have overcrowded teeth. It could also be that your teeth already look ‘OK’ but you want that perfect, ‘A list’ smile which comes with lovely straight teeth? There are many reasons why patients come to us to have teeth straightening, and the good news is that Hughes & Owen has worked hard to provide excellent solutions!

Oralign At Hughes & Owen

There are many different teeth straightening treatments available and we have chosen what we believe to be a superior and flexible system known as Oralign. It is a cost-effective and rapid braces treatment which can create a major difference in as little as 14 weeks.

How Does Oralign Work?

The first step is a consultation so that we can determine if Oralign is right for you. We can answer any questions you may have and get a full understanding of your expectations. If you are suitable for this transformative treatment, we will speak to you about costs and timescales and agree how to move forward with your smile transformation. 

In all cases your Oralign treatment plan will be designed by a consultant orthodontist who will oversee the treatment as it progresses. When you are having Oralign braces, you will work with Dr Phil Richards who is our trained Oralign representative. He will take impressions of your teeth so that the Oralign appliance used is made specifically for your needs. Instead of the “One brace fits all” Philosophy used by some systems Oralign can provide a range of devices ranging from clear aligners to ceramic brackets. The process of straightening is very gentle and you should see a difference very quickly.

Oralign Benefits

There are many benefits to this system and we have seen some fantastic results for patients who have come to Hughes & Owen for Oralign treatment. Just some of the benefits of Oralign include:

  • A discreet appearance so most people won't notice that you have the device in
  • A quick result, so you don't need to use the device for an extended period of time compared to other systems
  • The ability to select from a full range of orthodontic appliances, both removable and fixed, specifically designed for each individual patient to produce the desired result.

Please call the friendly reception team here at Hughes and Owen to make your appointment.